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Mitsubishi Evo 9 (Lancer Evolution IX)

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX, commonly called the Evo 9, was first introduced in Japan in early 2005. Mitsubishi’s car later made appearances around the world, where it became available for purchase shortly after it was appeared in Japan.

Mitsubishi banks on electric cars for its future

Mitsubishi has jumped squarely into the market and now leads the way with its i-MiEV (“innovative Mitsubishi electric vehicle”) electric car, the world’s first production line electric vehicle from a major car maker.

Mitsubishi Builds its 1,000,000th Car

Mitsubishi’s 1,000,000th car rolls off the production line from it’s NedCar plant in Holland, a Colt ClearTec sporting the manufacturers’ high fuel efficiency modifications such as engine stop-start, a revised gear ratio and low rolling resistance tyres.

Mitsubishi i – rare small car spotted in UK

By chance I happened to see a rare Mitsubishi car yesterday called the “Mitsubishi i” – not to be confused with the i MiEV. Only three hundred made their way to the UK which is less than what most premium car manufacturers like Ferrari ship here! The Mitsubishi i four door car was first previewed [...]

Mitsubishi Colt ClearTec – ultra-efficient innovation

Mitsubishi UK have released an ultra-efficient version of Colt model called the Colt ClearTec which uses a number of mechanical refinements to lower fuel consumption including a stop-start system and rolling resistance tyres.

Mitsubishi extend scrappage deal to cars over five years old

As part of the UK scrappage scheme, Mitsubishi has extended the terms of its offer to allow the trade in of cars over five years old rather than the government set ten year minimum for the £2,000 discount.

Mitsubishi Releases Fastest Lancer Evo Ever

Mitsubishi has released it’s fastest ever Lancer Evolution in the UK, the FQ-400 Evolution X – bringing all the benefits of the standard saloon car it’s based upon – but with the explosive performance of a super car.

Mitsubishi Test All Electric Car

Mitsubishi Motors are to test their completely electric car in Oregan in a partnership with the Portland General Electric (PGE) power company. Known as the “i MiEV”, the all electric vehicle (“EV”’s) produces no emissions and is part of Mitsubishi’s plan to allow consumers to move seamlessly to electrically powered transportation. Even taking into account [...]