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Top tips for buying a used car

Today we look at the used car market, often the cheapest and quickest way to get your hands on the car that really fits your needs. The following tips detail the things to look out for and how to make sure you get the most for your money with the least hassle. Budget As well [...]

Stargazing with Rolls Royce

This week sees the beginning of the world famous Frankfurt Motor Show and punters are eagerly anticipating the latest advances in the motor industry. Since 1991 the show has been at the forefront of innovation and ingenuity, championing some of the greatest automotive brands in the world. A recent article from the Top Gear website [...]

What Happens to a Scrap Car?

Once your trusty A-B starts to stutter, cough, chokes and complains when you try to start ol’ faithful. Finally starting reluctantly, the next logical place that you should drive to is a scrap yard. But what happens when you turn your car in to be sent the the big scrap heap in the sky, its [...]

7 Ways to Ease Your Transition from Petrol to Electric-Powered Vehicles

While everyone knows that the electric automobile is good for the environment, very few of us have actually made the change. This might be because it can be quite difficult to make this transition. Lack of knowledge and infrastructure is partly to blame for this, so we are here to rectify the situation. Below, you’ll [...]

THE JCB Group Guide to Purchasing Used Cars

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a new car, you’re faced with the big question: do you buy new or used? Both options have their pros and cons, so what are the contributing factors that will influence your decision? Here are some pros and cons from vehicle sales experts, JCB Group on what to [...]

Safety features that reduce car Insurance costs

When one owns a vehicle, they ordinarily purchase insurance to protect them from extreme financial harm due to injury to their person, their property, or liability for an inadvertent action-also called an accident. Cars are a major investment for most people and, as with any other valuable item, need protection. Safety features that are now [...]

Discounts mean there’s no excuse for scrappy car parts

The winter takes its toll on all components of your car, it doesn’t matter whether you rarely use it or you use it every day the low temperatures and icy roads play havoc with the way that your car runs. With the snow set to kick in again, Car Parts 4 Less are trying to [...]

Luxury-eyed through the night

Anyone who has ever switched from a car with a good Xenon or LED system to another with a simple halogen light is familiar to this feeling: it is as if two high-intensity front headlights were replaced with two candles. Color, brightness and coverage are by far not as good as by modern headlights. No [...]

Keeping track on fleet management (fleet vehicle tracking)

As is usual at this time of year, the heightened excitement of Christmas is quickly fading into distant memory. And as 2013 strides boldly into view, people’s minds may turn to making New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions are part of the New Year ritual for many people, but various studies indicate that less than a quarter [...]

Top 5 Ways to Save Money on UK Car Insurance

Many residents in the United Kingdom pay a small fortune on their premiums for UK car insurance, UK home insurance and more. Insurance can provide you with a considerable number of benefits, and in some cases, cover is required by law or by your lender. Today, police have said they have seized their millionth uninsured [...]