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Best family car

Family cars have a lot of priorities placed upon them. They are used daily for ferrying children to and from school; they often have to carry a lot of equipment, sometimes including four-legged furry family members, and have to fit a budget. The large estate used to be the default choice for a busy family, [...]

Guide to Buying a Used Car from a Dealer

Buying a used car is generally cheaper than buying a new one, but it is still a big investment. One way to minimise problems in the future is to buy from a dealer, as there is more legal protection but buyers pay for this extra protection with the prices being higher than a private purchase.  [...]

The top Selling LHD Sports Cars in the UK

The Sports car market in the UK consists of a vast array of options from the high end supercars produced by the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini through to the cult cars like the Mazda MX-5 and Nissan GTR. When it comes to left hand drive cars UK buyers spark a slightly different trend. The [...]

Living The Dream With Luxury High End Cars

Ever dreamed of driving that brand new Aston Martin that you saw on TV? Maybe you’ve always wanted to turn up in a Ferrari? Well, with the aid of BestCarFinder that dream can come true. An Aston Martin lease plan allows you to drive the car that you have always wanted to take out for [...]

How to Import Cars to the UK and the Taxes Applicable

For those of us looking at importing a car into the UK the internet and various literatures provided by numerous Government bodies can leave the best of us baffled to say the least! In fact the process has got one step more complicated in the last 12 months with direct involvement from HMRC who require [...]

Car Dealers Using Apps to Connect with Buyers

eMarketer estimates there will be 30.9 million smartphone users in the country in 2013, representing 48.4% of UK residents and 60.4% of UK mobile phone users.  There are many great Smartphone apps available today that truly engage car buyers, car enthusiasts, vehicle owners, car dealers and automotive industry professionals.  Apps are being used as more [...]

Buying a used car – Check it don’t regret it!

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau has released key consumer advice when it comes to buying a second hand cars, using the slogan “Check it, don’t regret it”, in order to encourage car buyers to undertake some basic checks before parting with their money. Used cars are the biggest single issue being reported to Citizens Advice consumer [...]

Used Van Prices Remain High Due to Short Supply

Data from the British Car Auctions shows that the prices for used and second hand vans remains at an all-time high and may continue to rise due to a lack of stock in the market.  The high prices are likely to be the result of low van sales in 2008 and 2009 and the reduced [...]

The Self-driving Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes Benz has been working on hard on its driverless S 500 Intelligent Drive research vehicle, incorporating much of the advanced technology developed into this year’s S-Class.  The same technology drove Dieter Zetsche, Daimler CEO, to the stage at the Frankfurt Motor Show without a driver in order to present his speech. With the vision [...]

Negotiating a Good Price for a Used Car

One of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of a used car that’s for sale is to get a good deal on the advertised price. There are a number of highly effectively ways to negotiate a good deal: Research the market – looking at Buyers Guides such as Parkers can be useful, however [...]