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3 Signs That Your Tyre is Wearing Out

Tyres are unquestionably an important components of every vehicle. They essentially serve four purposes – each of which is quintessential and irreplaceable in its function and performance. Its first and primary function is to enable traction with a surface and enforce brakes– the actions that enable you to drive a car. The second purpose of [...]

Online Number Plate Maker: Tested

There are some fairly specific rules about getting replacement number plates for your car issued by the UK Government (found on their site here) which include the fonts, spacing and plate size so it’s important that you find a supplier that abides by the rules. Number plates can be damaged relatively easy when parking, whether [...]

The Basics of Car Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover for your daily drive or weekend pride and joy is a good way to keep on motoring or at least get you out of a jam if you happen to break down miles away from home (or your destination). It’s no fun getting stuck miles from nowhere with a tonne and a half [...]

Souped-up sound systems

In the winter, our favourite part of our cars is the heater, as we attempt to transform our vehicles from ice boxes to saunas during the daily commute. However, come summer, it’s all about the sound system. Cruising along the seafront with the windows down and our favourite tunes pumping is one of the best [...]

Preparing your car for winter

Winter can be a tough time for drivers. With busier roads, adverse weather conditions and dark nights, it is important that you take all of the precautions you can to ensure the safety of yourself and others. One way you can do this is by thoroughly preparing your car for winter. Here’s how you do [...]

Picking the right car for the Zombie Apocolypse

It’s an important consideration – but what is the best car to choose when the undead decide to wander the Earth.  Luckily there’s a handy infographic from the Tilsun Group to help work through the options:   Despite their eco-credentials, I think I’d personally choose a 4×4 for those particular circumstances.  You never know where [...]

Checking used car documentation

The documents that accompany of used car that’s for sale are important to tell if the car you’re looking at is owned by the seller, how well it’s been looked after and also it’s road worthiness. All of the documents should be carefully checked before agreeing to buy a used car, so here are some [...]

How To Test Drive a New or Used Car

Test driving new or used cars is the only opportunity you’ll have before you part with any money to make sure you like the car you’re looking to buy.  It’s also the ideal opportunity to make absolutely sure that it meets all of your requirements of it and that there aren’t any major mechanical issues [...]

Inspecting a Used Car – The Checklist

Following on from our post on Top Tips for Buying a Used Car, we wanted to provide more detail and a detailed checklist – the best way to inspect a used car before parting with any money.  When looking to buy a second hand car, it’s vital that you take the time to inspect it [...]

Tell the truth, The whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth!

The number of motoring offences is at an all time high. This has been due to the number of increased offences, drink driving for example was only introduced in the 1980’s and more recently the use of your mobile phone whilst driving became an offence. It has also increased due to the adoption of new [...]