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Guide to Buying a Used Car from a Dealer

Buying a used car is generally cheaper than buying a new one, but it is still a big investment. One way to minimise problems in the future is to buy from a dealer, as there is more legal protection but buyers pay for this extra protection with the prices being higher than a private purchase.  [...]

The top Selling LHD Sports Cars in the UK

The Sports car market in the UK consists of a vast array of options from the high end supercars produced by the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini through to the cult cars like the Mazda MX-5 and Nissan GTR. When it comes to left hand drive cars UK buyers spark a slightly different trend. The [...]

Living The Dream With Luxury High End Cars

Ever dreamed of driving that brand new Aston Martin that you saw on TV? Maybe you’ve always wanted to turn up in a Ferrari? Well, with the aid of BestCarFinder that dream can come true. An Aston Martin lease plan allows you to drive the car that you have always wanted to take out for [...]

Online Number Plate Maker: Tested

There are some fairly specific rules about getting replacement number plates for your car issued by the UK Government (found on their site here) which include the fonts, spacing and plate size so it’s important that you find a supplier that abides by the rules. Number plates can be damaged relatively easy when parking, whether [...]

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