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Best family car

Family cars have a lot of priorities placed upon them. They are used daily for ferrying children to and from school; they often have to carry a lot of equipment, sometimes including four-legged furry family members, and have to fit a budget. The large estate used to be the default choice for a busy family, [...]

Guide to Buying a Used Car from a Dealer

Buying a used car is generally cheaper than buying a new one, but it is still a big investment. One way to minimise problems in the future is to buy from a dealer, as there is more legal protection but buyers pay for this extra protection with the prices being higher than a private purchase.  [...]

The top Selling LHD Sports Cars in the UK

The Sports car market in the UK consists of a vast array of options from the high end supercars produced by the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini through to the cult cars like the Mazda MX-5 and Nissan GTR. When it comes to left hand drive cars UK buyers spark a slightly different trend. The [...]

Living The Dream With Luxury High End Cars

Ever dreamed of driving that brand new Aston Martin that you saw on TV? Maybe you’ve always wanted to turn up in a Ferrari? Well, with the aid of BestCarFinder that dream can come true. An Aston Martin lease plan allows you to drive the car that you have always wanted to take out for [...]

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